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What’s Your Favorite Soup?

Sitting here on a rainy North Carolina evening and thinking that a bowl of soup sounds pretty darned good…alphabet soup, to be sure. Years ago, I can remember fishing all those letters out as a boy and lining them up on the rim of the bowl to see what I could spell. Try as I might, I could never spell more than a couple of words.

If only I’d had the experience of dealing with the acronyms we’ve all come to know as different government agencies have come and gone.  There were all those New Deal agencies of the Great Depression – the WPA and the CCC and the TVA. Today, it’s the EPA and the CIA and the FTC.  Here in North Carolina, we’ve got the DHHS, the DHSR, and the DoI. Alphabet soup, for sure.

So what in the world does alphabet soup have to do with the latest trends in aging services in North Carolina? Lately, we’ve been reading a lot about ACOs – Accountable Care Organizations.  Hailed as a model that can lead to better outcomes and lower costs at the person level, with support for the infrastructure required to provide high-quality, coordinated care, ACOs are still a little-known piece of healthcare reform for most providers.

So as you settle down over that bowl of soup, here are three great articles to bring you up to speed on ACOs…A-OK?

An excellent article from the Long Term Quality Alliance and Brookings can be found by clicking here.

Kaiser Health News has a FAQ on ACOs (just to continue our soup theme!) that can be found by clicking here.

Finally, Dr. Kathleen Griffin and two of her colleagues published a very practical look at ACOs recently in Long Term Living.  It can be found by clicking here.