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“They said what?” When Social Media Goes Where You Didn’t Intend

Keeping up with the latest approaches to getting your message out can be a rewarding endeavor.  More and more communities are dipping their toes in the social media water and finding that the use of Facebook, Twitter, and others can result in prospects swimming their way.

As I visit with folks about social media, however, I’m often asked about the risk of an employee tweeting inappropriate information or posting something on Facebook that’s crude. Randy Eilts with GlynnDevins shared the story of how the American Red Cross recently experienced that situation…and I found their response enlightening.  You can access information about it and how the American Red Cross responded by clicking here.

The moral of this cautionary tale? We’re all human — but if we manage every opportunity that comes our way by avoiding those opportunities if there’s even the slightest hint of risk, we may be missing out on valuable ways to share our story.

What do you think?