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Tough Conversations…

My mom and dad moved into a retirement community about seven years ago, a move they tell me they’ve never regretted.  And I KNOW it’s a move that my five siblings and I have taken great comfort from.

In the time leading up to their move — and in the years since — we’ve had a number of conversations that fall into the “tough” category.  My dad will always be the man who effortlessly ran around the yard, shagging fly balls with me and teaching me how to bat.  Mom will always be the woman who taught me how to pitch a tent when we went camping.

So conversations about driving (or not driving!), financial matters, medications, and advance directives can be tough — not just because of the subject matter but because of the sense of vulnerability in our parents and ourselves that it introduces.

All of this is prelude to why I was particularly impressed — and touched — by a recent story that ran on WFMY, the CBS affiliate in Greensboro. It features Well-Spring Retirement Community and chronicles what those tough conversations ought to include — and shows you one couple who did it right. You can watch the entire segment — almost four minutes in length — by clicking here.